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Mud Motor Radial Bearings

- WEDO offer bearings with tiles and w/o tiles for optional.
- Mud lubricated or Oil sealed
- Unique PTAW Process to applying the matrix with superior quality performance
- Fully automated production process to ensure quality consistency

  - Armour cladding is a PTAW(Plasma Transfered Arc Welding) overlayer with extra wear resistance and very high impact resistance. The process was developed and improved by WEDO team since 2014. Our proprietary cladding technology is the best wear protection available for downhole tools and wire steel metallurgy equipment, including mud motor bearings, flow restrictors, and guide rollers.

  - Bearing is custom engineered and designed to meet a customer's specific requirement.  Every bearing is precision ground to size and held to a tight tolerance. Engineering services are available to assist with creating a customized bearing for a specific tool or application.

  - WEDO Armour Cladding offers a wide size range of ID and OD cladding radial bearings to fit most of mud motor sizes and configurations.  


Diameter Range  (mm)

Length Range  (mm)

Inner Diameter (ID)


Outside Diameter (OD)



  - Cladding can be applied to most alloy steels, carbon steels, precipitation hardened steels, and stainless steels, please refer the major properties and features here below in the table.


Cladding can be applied to most alloy steels, carbon steels, precipitation hardened steels, and stainless steels.

Cladding Thickness  (mm) 

Cladding can be applied from 0.5mm-3mm, the best suggested range is 2-2.5mm.

Process Temperature (℃)  

Continuous operation at 300-350℃,the base metal can restore excellent mechanical properties.

Chemical Resistant

Compatible with all downhole chemicals, such as H2S, H2SO3 , H2 SO4 , HCl, salt water, oil, and natural Gas.       

Wear Resistance

ASTM G65 mass loss≤0.15g (in existing wear scar)






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